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Page 9: issue 1 - Astronomy Domine in Issue 1: Astronomy Domine
13th Jan 2012, 10:29 AM
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Page 9: issue 1 - Astronomy Domine

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13th Jan 2012, 10:29 AM

Oh, it's odd looking at this now. Really, I've gotten better. Also, unlike my original comments below, their names are actually, from left to right: Sticks, Tieltal, Tempore, Jack Shade, Shal'tatal, and Mosieu. But here is what I originally wrote on Drunk Duck:

Now you finally see my art, and it's better than some of the stuff I draw. And you get some other order guardians, too. On this page, you see:

Sticks - guardian of a mostly stick-figure multiverse
Mosieu - non-humanoid guardian of a multiverse on the verge of death
Jack Shade - newbie guardian of a video game-oriented multiverse
Shal'tatal - antisocial guardian of a superhero multiverse
Tielta (barely seen) - guardian of a destroyed multiverse, now generally catatonic

Monday: With order, one must have chaos.

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