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Page 10: issue 1 - Astronomy Domine in Issue 1: Astronomy Domine
16th Jan 2012, 10:29 AM
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Page 10: issue 1 - Astronomy Domine

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Author Notes:
16th Jan 2012, 10:29 AM

Oh wow, that art looks terrible to me now. Well, more terrible. It looked bad to me then, too. But gosh darn it, I like the character despite everything. Here is what I originally wrote:

And so we see the antagonist of this issue. I love this design, no matter how poorly I drew it. This character is an agent of chaos, and so needs to look it.

I'm not used to computer coloring. Inking is also something I recently took up, so both may take some time for me. In fact, my coloring may stay at this level--I try to go quickly, because I do want to get pages out at a quick pace. That, and the fact that I'm trying to get writing done, draw for Karabear Comics Presents (so far only the first issue--just because I want it out quickly) and contribute to Heroes Alliance, means I don't want to spend too much time coloring. I'd color by hand, but that's colored pencils (as seen on page 9), and they don't turn up very well. Not to mention, if I want to paste a background, it's near impossible if I colored by hand, especially as some of my pages don't start out completely white.

My favorite thing about this page? That last panel. The guy just flinging a planet away is fun. Initially, all I wanted to do on this page is have the guy be walking along the planet surface, grab onto it and swing the planet into another. But that wasn't quite random enough, so this is what I did. Given that this is an agent of chaos, one doesn't need to make sense of the creature's actions.

Tomorrow: Fight!

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