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Post-issue 1 talk: A word from Ave in Issue 1: Astronomy Domine
23rd Jan 2012, 10:29 AM
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Post-issue 1 talk: A word from Ave

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Author Notes:
23rd Jan 2012, 10:29 AM

Yes, after most issues I talk to the reader. I do this both because I feel it actually can be nice to put me into the comic, and it also can get me to hock my stuff. If anybody read my comic, the second bit might have more merit. Here is what I originally wrote:

I thought I'd take the time to actually talk directly to my readers--that, and the comic was 14 pages and I wanted to bump it up to 16 without making a couple ads. No, instead I can shill my stuff a little differently.

This may become a regular thing, or I may fill remaining pages with a sort of letters page, if I ever get letters. I know I could answer them online, but I like letters pages.

Tomorrow: Kara Bear

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