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Post-issue 1 talk: Introducing Kara Bear in Issue 1: Astronomy Domine
24th Jan 2012, 10:29 AM
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Post-issue 1 talk: Introducing Kara Bear

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Author Notes:
24th Jan 2012, 10:29 AM

This is still relevent information. Here is what I originally wrote:

She's the mascot for Karabear Comics. However, the point brought up here is valid. I did name the "company" after myself. Though I go by Ave, my chosen first name is Kara. I just have always gone by my middle, so it isn't weird to me like this. In actuality, the name has evolved over time, always named after myself, and this way it's a little bit less focused on me. When I was in fifth grade, it was "Abe Comics" (Abraham being my legal middle name), it later becoming KAMMAKS (since my initials are KAM--such a lame pun, done so much better with the KAMics, which I later found out about). For a while I toyed with dropping my name entirely and, with the current logo, going off "Chip Off the Old Comics", but it was a bulky name I didn't feel any connection towards. It was just a name to fit the logo.

Anyways, Kara Bear will likely appear from time to time. I may try to actually work through other comedy bits with her, too. Heck, I may either have her interact with other stuffed animals, or take her out and photograph her in various locations and with friends, so she's not just in my little residence.

And that's it for January. No more updates this month, but I'll pick up again in February.

February 1: New month, new issue--the cover to issue 2 (if all goes well)

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