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Cover: issue 2 - Interstellar Overdrive in Issue 2: Interstellar Overdrive
1st Feb 2012, 10:30 AM
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Cover: issue 2 - Interstellar Overdrive

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Author Notes:
1st Feb 2012, 10:30 AM

It's an action shot and that can be cool, but even now I miss Qlrn. I only had that character for one issue. These creatures can't make up for it. Here is what I originally wrote:

And here's the cover to issue 2: Interstellar Overdrive. Less pretentious Tempore narration and a whole lot more action! Tempore and Time and Laser fighting side by side against the creatures seen on the cover. I hope you enjoy it--it'll be the last issue with the cosmic characters (at least for some time, as my plans for them tend to involve the comics which I hope to be print-only), but if you like them I can see what I can do about bringing them back.

Tomorrow: The issue begins--on Earth?

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