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Page 1: issue 2 - Interstellar Overdrive in Issue 2: Interstellar Overdrive
2nd Feb 2012, 9:18 AM
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Page 1: issue 2 - Interstellar Overdrive

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Author Notes:
2nd Feb 2012, 9:18 AM

I'm STILL not very good at backgrounds, but this still looks bad to me in that department (and the foreground elements aren't good, either). Here is what I originally wrote:

What? I thought this issue was about Tempore and Time and Laser. Who the heck is this woman and this freaky-looking baby (seriously, I realize I can't draw a baby very well at all--I'm sorry about that)?

Fun fact: this was supposed to be a busy sidewalk and street. I wanted the woman to be the only one crossing the street, but I wanted to at least put some cars on the road. However, I realize I'm just not at the level to draw all of that. Considering how much effort I need to put into battle scenes with Tempore and Time and Laser against the creatures, I decided it wasn't worth it, and the narrative doesn't need there to be a lot of cars or people.

Tomorrow: Just what does this have to do with the cosmic characters?

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