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Page 11: issue 2 - Interstellar Overdrive in Issue 2: Interstellar Overdrive
16th Feb 2012, 11:11 AM
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Page 11: issue 2 - Interstellar Overdrive

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Author Notes:
16th Feb 2012, 11:11 AM

I really should do more varied layouts like I did with this page. Really, I draw better now, so things should turn out better, right? Here is what I originally wrote:

The biggest problem I had with this page was coming up with Tempore's justification. In issue 1, he says that he likes to kill chaos agents quickly, and yet he is doing a move here that can kill them instantly (though it does take a little time to charge). But, this isn't a Dragon Ball Z "I was only at 3/4 power" situation. At first, I was toying with the idea that his energy can't be replenished if he's outside his multiverse, but that seemed like a weak explanation. However, I realized that really he and the chaos agents have similar power. If Tempore does something too drastic, he himself can cause chaos by damaging the fabric of order. Therefore, he keeps his power level low so as to keep the fabric of order intact. Plus, it has the added bonus that he can easily be playing into the chaos agents' hands this way.

Oh, and it may not be obvious, but Time and Laser is supposed to be teleporting away. I just didn't know how to draw the effect very well.

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