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Cover: issue 3 - A Pillow of Winds in Issue 3: A Pillow of Winds
1st Mar 2012, 11:11 AM
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Cover: issue 3 - A Pillow of Winds

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Author Notes:
1st Mar 2012, 11:11 AM

We've moved on from Tempore. Time to get to the superheroes! Here is what I originally wrote:

Ah, a nice, simple cover. Yet I still had a bit of a time because I had to color it (really, otherwise the thing would have looked a little too black and white, though the feather would have otherwise been colored grey) and also get the right-looking logo for Eiderdown.

And who is Eiderdown? Well, I'm sure most people who have read issue 2 can tell immediately where the character fits into the grand scheme of things. And if you read the Lite bites review of Shades, you know what the character looks like and some other pertinent information.

Tomorrow: The issue begins

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