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Page 1: issue 3 - A Pillow of Winds in Issue 3: A Pillow of Winds
2nd Mar 2012, 11:11 AM
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Page 1: issue 3 - A Pillow of Winds

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Author Notes:
2nd Mar 2012, 11:11 AM

Here is the freaking long text I originally wrote:

Gah! That interviewer looks like a Muppet. I couldn't not make him look like one, despite myself. Maybe it was because I knew my protagonist's eyes were going to be more slanted and I went over board the other way when drawing the Caucasian guy. And that waitress definitely looks creepy without any pupil or iris. Corner cutting in art can do that to you. Apparently, it also makes backgrounds lose their floor at some point, because I realized when coloring that I hadn't drawn a floor in. Wonderful. Oh well, hope you like vague yellow backgrounds. I won't use them all the time, but since yellow is my favorite color...

But today's page is very near something that was said to me. Only, it wasn't at some made-up place called "Burger Mania" (and the pun in there is so shameless, I'm sorry)--it was at some obscure place with a clown mascot and whose marquee is two arches that make the first letter of my last name (why don't I just say the name? I don't know--funnier that way?). This was when I was going to college, so I was living in Humboldt County. Of all places, a Humboldt County business wouldn't hire me because of my long hair. At least here in Redding (where I grew up and live now), it's conservative so there's a better excuse for this behavior.

The burger place on this page is an amalgam of burger places, I guess: the aforementioned corporate giant had such an incident happen, Burger Mania seems very close to the name Burger King, and the location I used for the exterior shot is me relying on memory of the location of a Wendy's in town (where I once applied and never had an interview--for all I know they're lovely people who sell silly-looking square burgers).

And, wow. That's a lot of text for one page. I'm sorry for that, to any hypothetical readers I have. Really, I have no idea if anybody reads this comic--Drunk Duck (sorry, The Duck) doesn't have page view statistics anymore, which is a shame. And since I've only gotten one comment (of a vague nature--I still don't know whether that person is reading or happened by an admittedly bad page to draw one into a comic), I really don't know if anybody has really read much of this thing. Eh, it won't stop me from making it (but I may eventually stop listing issues on ComicsMonkey if this keeps up--it's expensive for me and nobody is buying the issues as of writing this--February 29th).

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