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Page 14: issue 3 - A Pillow of Winds in Issue 3: A Pillow of Winds
21st Mar 2012, 9:21 AM
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Page 14: issue 3 - A Pillow of Winds

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Author Notes:
21st Mar 2012, 9:21 AM

She looks kind of fat walking away, which is funny considering she's supposed to have a little bit of a belly on her (it shows up later, at least). But I know this issue has been better received than the previous two, so it's the first satisfactory issue conclusion I have done. Here is what I originally wrote:

And that's a wrap for this issue.

But I'm sure you can see why I hate trying to do thought bubbles in GIMP. Why the heck don't they have a shape-drawing tool? Gosh darn it, it would make lettering so much easier. And I'm not going to spring for any program I have to pay for, because I really don't have any money.

And so, in 14 pages, I did more than the big companies can do in two (or more) issues: I introduced the character, her power and her costume, as well as having her debut and end the issue as a completely stand-alone story. None of the "we'll end the issue with the character in costume (or worse, showing a hint that they may have powers but with nothing else to go on) and leave that as incentive to read the next issue" stuff. Sure, it's not as snappy as some stories, but I like that I'm not horribly decompressed here (juxtaposing with the first half of the first issue).

Tomorrow: Addressing the reader again. It's tradition (I guess, since I've done it for two issues).

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