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Page 7: issue 4 - A Saucerful of Secrets in Issue 4: A Saucerful of Secrets
11th Apr 2012, 12:00 AM
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Page 7: issue 4 - A Saucerful of Secrets

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Author Notes:
11th Apr 2012, 12:00 AM

And the in-comic introduction of their names! It took long enough. As for the conversation in tiny text, it goes like this:

Deviant (bartender): "Well, I have a Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster."
Steve: "Nah, something stringer." (misspelled--I meant to say "stronger")
Deviant: "Well, I do have a drink that caused the elder god Yoth-Toggoth to whimper like a baby from one sip."
Steve: "Ooh. Gimme!"

Here is what I originally wrote:

"Ah, a distraction. That's Steve from Life and Death there, making his entrance. And it seems he's feeling a bit adventurous in his alcohol choices. He drinks at the 501 because it has booze. The fact that it's a gay bar doesn't bother him because—why would it?

I realize Julie is giving a politician's “answer” here—answering the question without actually answering it at all. However, last issue we saw how she got started in superheroing, and there's no reason to rehash. Instead we get a look into her life as a kid.

Of course, I realize that not everybody will understand the reference or the humor in the phrase “pillow princess”. It's a term among some in the lesbian community for a bottom. I think there's more to it than that, but that's what I remember from when I heard it (yes, I heard it once and decided to make a joke about it—because checking to see if something is widespread knowledge must be passe, or something). I'd assume it's because she's in a position of comfort (and also likely biting the pillows).

And I finally give their superhero names on a comic page. The panels where they give them changed after drawing the page, but the gist is still the same.

Tomorrow: More insight into Fractal. Plus, can Steve survive a drink that could probably fell an Eldritch Abomination?"

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