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Page 2: issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1) in Issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1)
3rd May 2012, 12:00 AM
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Page 2: issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1)

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Author Notes:
3rd May 2012, 12:00 AM

Shal'tatal's a little... different from Tempore. Much more tempered. But he should never be underestimated. Here is what I originally wrote:

"Top page: I think those guys were smart. You don't know what powers he has, and usually characters who fly are also strong and invulnerable. All they had was a bat. Best not to take your chances. I also made them out-of-towners, because this story takes place in Arcata, which I think would hardly ever have such people in it. Of course, when I lived there (while going to college), I was oblivious (still am), so you never know. Still, they treat the homeless there much better than in Redding.

Bottom page: Some clues to the nature of order guardians here. People may say the dialogue is too stilted, but I kept it at the way I talk, rather than trying to think how others might talk. People think I'm too formal, but I counter that I have a degree in English. I'm required to use as big of words as possible. Also, this page is part of what's taking me to the 2012 Halloween Cameo Caper.

Tomorrow: Astral finds something odd about the transient and we shift over to Tempore"

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